Getting Strategic about Sales Acceleration

Finding new ways to engage with stakeholders earlier in their purchasing process, or finding ways to speed up their patch purchase is the “new oil” in the inside sales industry. This is sales acceleration, and for top performing sales organisations this is a must have and a potential competitive advantage. That is, if they can manage to successfully devise and implement an effective sales acceleration strategy.

Recent research, from the Aberdeen Group, suggests that best in class sales organisations do not leave sales acceleration to chance. They organise content better for the content to support the leads they have acquired, they queue marketing material / whitepapers and they execute a very structured sales acceleration strategy.

Join us at this ISDN event where, and IBM share their thoughts on how to plan and execute a best in class Sales Acceleration strategy.

Member Registration Getting Strategic about Sales Acceleration

Wednesday, 1st February 2017
11am - 2pm

The Merrion Hotel, Dublin 2.

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Hugh O'Byrne

VP, Global Sales Center Excellence

IBM Digital Group Europe

Martin Moran

Managing Director, International

As the VP of Brand Sales in Digital Sales Europe, Hugh manages the sale of IBM products and services through IBM's Digital Sales channel to customers across Europe either directly or working with business partners, depending on customer preference. The business is run primarily through a new Digital Sales Centre in Dublin focused on Western Europe (the largest Sales & Marketing Centre globally for IBM) and through a 2nd Digital Sales Centre in Bratislava, Slovakia. Hugh’s team sells all of IBM's products and services which clients are willing to purchase through the Web, through e-mail, through phone - whatever suits the client best.

Martin brings more than 25 years of experience in managing and growing business operations across a variety of industries in Europe and globally, with a proven track record for building high-performance sales organisations. Prior to his role at InsideSales, Martin held GM and sales executive roles Lumesse Limited, ServiceSource International and Salesforce. As the first employee in Salesforce’s EMEA organisation, he helped grow the company’s EMEA business to $300 million in annual revenue.