Go to Market Models for Emerging Regions

Emerging markets offer the sales organisation great growth opportunities. With large populations, an untapped business community, increasing prosperity, and improved technology reach, these markets are very attractive to those companies suffering from the stagnation in existing markets, increasing overheads, and pressure to continue to grow the balance sheet.

However, although these regions offer huge untapped potential, they are also a huge risk – due to likes of cultural, infrastructural, and business etiquette differences. For this reason, a “one-size-fits-all” approach to emerging markets will probably lead to slow growth or even failure!

Regardless, of where your emerging market is - be it EMEA, BRICMT, Asia or Africa — there are idiosyncrasies that make bespoke approaches to these markets essential. Join us at this event, where Inside Sales Leaders from FireEye and Bentley Systems will share their views on how to find the right operating model and the right talent strategy to support the opportunity the new market presents.

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Wednesday, 21st June 2017
11am - 2pm

The Merrion Hotel, Dublin 2.

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