I.S.D.N. Summit 2017

Summit Theme: "The Talent Challenge"

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2018 promises to be a significant year of change for Irish based Inside Sales organisations.Organisational structure continues to change, with Inside Sales as a stand alone model continuing to grow. That said, in certain EMEA local markets Inside Sales is “going back in country”.  On top of this, the battle for talent is getting tougher in the EMEA Marketplace.  In Ireland, it's no different fueled by an unemployment rate that is heading closer to a full employment number.

It is under these conditions that we will hold the Inside Sales Directors Network Summit -  ISDN Summit 2017, entitled  - "The Talent Challenge" - where over 100 Inside Sales Leaders based in Ireland will attend this Inside Sales Talent Strategy Summit.

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Friday, 10th November 2017
8am - 5pm

The InterContinental Hotel, Dublin.

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