Team Manager v Team Coach

For an Inside Sales Leader, being able to find a balance between managing and coaching is essential for delivering sales results. As organisations, become flatter, inside sales leaders are finding that being able to adjust their management style so as they can be both directive when required, and also collaborative as the situation dictates is an essential skill set.

Great inside sales leaders are often inspiring, and can give great insight and direction to their teams – this may be one of the reasons they were selected to be the “boss” in the first place. However, the most effective Inside Sales Leaders also drive the team’s performance; they can help up-tap the potential of the talent at their disposal. They coach! The more time the Inside Sales Leader spends delegating and developing their team – the more effective performance will be.

So when to be directional? When to delegate and develop? 

Join us at this event when Inside Sales Leaders share with us how they have gone about creating a more rounded management style in their sales organisation.

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Thursday, 2nd March 2017

Alexander Hotel, Fenian Street, Dublin 2.

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Frank Guy

Leadership and Sales Coach

Frank C Guy

John Massey

SAP EMEA Business Development Leader

SAP Ireland

A Leadership and Sales Coach, developing individuals, leaders, their teams and organisations with a coaching approach.

Proven track record in sales, sales management, coaching, channell management and sales operations.Experience in managing through fast paced change and complex structures.Highly customer focused and passionate about delivering the best and most profitable customer experience possible.