19 May 2017

5 ‘small’ things that will improve your digital sales prospecting

Five small things, I learned from Johnny Campbell's (CEO Of Social Talent) speech at The Sales Institute (www.salesinstitute.ie) - 5th April 2017 Dublin, Ireland.

Five Things I learned from Johnny's very engaging, practical and insightful speech. *And the good news is the 5 things work - because we have tried some of them out already!

1. Focus on the aggregation of marginal gains. Usain Bolt, the fastest man on planet earth can run at an average speed of 37.58km /h. The average amateur athlete runs at about 15 km/h. This means Usain is approximately 23 km /h faster. However, if the amateur athlete strives to be 1% faster each day - they will run as fast as Usain in only 90 days! ... well, in theory, anyway. Now, apply the 1% per day rule to the sales performance of a sales rep. If the average sales rep improves their performance by 1% a day, and 1% more the following day - for a whole year ... the improvement is 14x from the place they started at ton day one. 

2. Use a variety of contact vectors: Email, LinkedIn, What's App, Messenger, Twitter, Snap chat .. the list is endless. Choose the right tool for your marketplace and vary your approach to the prospect's individual preferences.

3. Keeping your Email length to between 50 and 120 words gives you a 50% uplift in response rate

4. Statistically, the best time of the day to digitally reach out to a sales prospect is 6 am. The second best time of day is 8 pm!

5. It takes at least 8 digital follow-ups to get the appointment or get the conversation with a prospect started. Use 4 different contact vectors, and use each vector twice.

Lot's of great tips and sales angles in Johnny's speech. Check out the video at - http://www.salesinstitute.ie/knowledge-centre/new-social-selling-strategies-for-the-digital-seller-1