08 February 2017

Survey suggest that marketing automation could be responsible for up to 50% of sales pipeline

Part 5: 

Overview: If you have read the 1st four parts of this Series, then you will be aware that the I.S.D.N. (Inside Sales Directors Network) at The Sales Institute of Ireland, conducted Ireland’s first ‘Inside Sales Practices Survey last December - in conjunction with our research partners Amárach Research. (With the support of IDA Ireland).  This is a summary of the main findings.

This is part 5 of the Survey findings - Technology & Marketing Automation

Digital marketing / sales automation tools are fast becoming part of an inside sales rep's daily business routine with 20% of all sales director respondents stating that these technologies are used on a daily basis by their team.  50% of Inside sales Directors told us that predictive analytics and data mining is used for planning and strategic purposes.

Three out of four Inside Sales Directors are using a form of marketing automation software in 2017.  Almost 20% of respondents suggest that marketing automation software is responsible for between 30-50% of populated sales pipeline. A further 10% state that marketing software is responsible for over half of total pipeline.  Interestingly, responses also suggest that the majority of sales teams are using more than one sales automation at any given time.   Marketo is the most populat software used, with Eloqua coming in second.  Between them they account for 61% of organisations surveyed.

60% of respondents state that they have been marketing software since 2014 - with 20% of all Inside Sales Directors stating that they have been using this type of software for more than 5 years.

75% of Inside Sales Leaders tell us that their sales team uses a subscription based version of LinkedIn.  6 out of 10 of these use the Navigator product.

Finally, only 30% of organisations surveyed have ever used automated / soft phone technology.

Lastly, only 33% of respondents state that artificial intelligence is part of their strategy within the next 3 years.

Further details about 'Inside Sales Practices Survey - Ireland 2017 - enquiries@salesinstitute.ie