Munster - Sales and GDPR Compliance

Enforcement of the EU GDPR Regulation will start in six months’ time on 25th May 2018. GDPR has been in place for some time, however, it has now been undated and includes the use of digital channels. GDPR also brings extensive compliance obligations for the way sales and marketing acquire, use and manage customer data. This means the sales function needs to revisit its sales practices in advance of next May to ensure compliance with GDPR – otherwise, it may face a financial penalty for breach of the directive!

Currently, many sales functions are not ready for GDPR. There is a lot of confusion among the membership of the Sales Institute as to what these obligations mean. For example, over the last number of weeks, our members have asked us questions like:

  • Can a sales function continue to purchase generic data lists for targeting purposes?
  • If a potential sales target registers to download a whitepaper on my website, can I contact them for sales purposes without their direct consent?
  • Can I curate and nurture prospects who said no in the past?
  • Will my sales team be able to connect and reach out to sales targets via social media after May?
  • Does GDPR require me to change our website for online/digital sales?
  • What do GDPR terms like “right to access” and “right to be forgotten” mean for my sales function?
  • What data protection steps do I need to take to avoid being in breach of the regulation?

If you need answers to the above questions and have some more of your own – we suggest you join us on the 22nd of February at the Cork Institute of Technology, Rossa Avenue, Bishopstown, Cork, where our expert panel with legal and regulatory GDPR expertise will answer your questions and clearly outline the steps your sales function needs to take to be ready for the post 25th of May business environment where GDPR will be enforced.

We strongly all member companies are represented at this event.

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Thursday, 22nd February 2018
7:30am - 9am

Cork Institute of Technology, Rossa Avenue, Bishopstown, Cork, T12 P928

Interested in attending, but not a member? Click here to request a call back