Sales and Marketing Alignment

The ongoing development of bigger and better technology is changing the way business to business sales organisations sell. The sales process is changing, customer engagement is changing and the way departments such as sales and marketing work together is also changing.

Recent research suggests that in organisations where effective marketing and sales alignment occur… sales revenue increases. In a recent report from Aberdeen Research, it was found that in organisations where best-in-class sales and marketing alignment took place – annual sales revenue grew by an average of 20% year on year.

In these instances of successful sales and marketing alignment, these functions share goals, technologies, processes and responsibilities that enable them jointly to plan, execute and revise sales campaigns and prospecting activity.

Join us at this Sales Institute Sales Director Series event where we will be exploring what best in class Sales and Marketing alignment looks like.

This event is kindly sponsored by Data Ireland. 

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Wednesday, 24th January 2018
11am - 2pm

The Merrion Hotel, Dublin 2.

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