What makes Amárach different? The name is a clue. Too much research looks in the rearview mirror. At best, such research tells us what’s happening; at worst, what’s already happened. We use market research to look ahead – to what will happen.

We’ve been doing it since 1989 – and our team of young enthusiasts and seasoned professionals has lots of practice unlocking the future for our clients. We embrace change, innovation and opportunity like no other agency in Ireland. We share our own ideas and insights on our blog, twitter, ezine and SlideShare resources – providing unparalleled insight into the mood and intentions of consumers and businesses.

Through surveys, focus groups, econometrics, workshops and social media analyses we discover the rights answers to our clients’ important questions about their brands, customers... and their future potential. But it doesn’t stop there. We have formed unique partnerships with clients and agencies (including advertising, PR and social media agencies) to turn research into a tool for connecting brands to customers. We believe in proactive research, not reactive research.

Our clients are found in every sector and category – public and private – throughout Ireland. From SMEs to PLCs. And there's more: our international research in retailing, telecoms, professional services and more besides has seen us working in over 50 countries in the past few years alone. Amárach… an domhain.

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